Battle Creek Memorial Park
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When is Memorial Park open?
    The cemetery grounds are open for visitation from about 8am until dusk every day of the year. The Chapel at Memorial Park is open 9am until 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, with some holidays excluded. The Chapel is open Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and the entire Memorial Day weekend.

  2. How do I find out about any rules or regulations that may apply at Memorial Park?
    The rules at Memorial Park are simple and straight forward. Most are a matter of common sense. A copy of the Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures is included on this web site. The Association's administrative office is opened Monday through Friday, 9am until 5pm, to answer any questions you may have.

  3. Who owns Memorial Park?
    Battle Creek Memorial Park Association is a nonprofit Michigan corporation. The cemetery is professionally managed by a full time staff. Memorial Park is operated as a service to the community by the Kiwanis Club of Battle Creek. Any questions or concerns about the cemetery should be directed to the administrative office at 2435 W. Territorial Road.

  4. Is there any property still available or is Memorial Park almost full?
    Memorial Park has literally thousands of spaces available. The selection in some of the Park's older sections may be limited but there are numerous sections that have yet to be developed. Memorial Park will be an active cemetery for many decades to come.

  5. Is there a place for cremated remains at Memorial Park?
    Yes. Cremated remains may be interred on cemetery burial spaces or inurned in mausoleum crypts or columbarium niches.

  6. May cremated remains be scattered or interred on another person's burial space?
    Cremains are not to be scattered or interred in another person's burial space. Everyone who is interred, entombed or inurned deserves a place in the Association's permanent records as well as a memorial. The mixing of remains complicates record keeping as well as memorialization.

  7. May the remains of our family pet be interred on the family burial lot?
    Only human remains are to be interred, entombed or inurned at Memorial Park.

  8. May I plant a tree on my family burial lot?
    No plantings are permitted on burial or monument spaces. Only authorized Park personnel are permitted to dig within the cemetery grounds.

  9. Are upright monuments permitted at Memorial Park?
    Yes. Memorial Park uses a combination of upright and flush memorials. While there are certain gardens that only permit the flush markers, the majority of the Park incorporates both monuments and markers. Monuments must be installed on designated monument spaces. Markers are installed on the actual burial space.

  10. Does Memorial Park sell monuments and markers?
    Yes. Memorial Park offers a complete selection of both granite and bronze memorials. Our quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. Our pricing is competitive. The matching of existing memorials is our specialty. See our Product and Service Offerings for more details.

  11. Why is the use of lithochrome prohibited on monuments and markers?
    Painted lettering and designs are not permitted on monuments and markers at Memorial Park. Colorings will eventually ware off leaving the memorial unsightly in appearance. Colorings have also been used as a way to compensate for poor quality stone cutting techniques.

  12. May I walk my dog in the Park?
    People are welcome to enjoy the Park for walks on a nice day. Pets however, present an entirely different problem. Many people are deeply offended at the prospect of pet owners using the Park grounds for their dog's daily constitutional. Memorial Park encourages pet owners to demonstrate respect for others and walk their dogs elsewhere.

  13. My children enjoy playing in the Park.
    Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the Park. Visitors must be mindful of the cemetery primary purpose and demonstrate respect for the grounds, memorials and decorations.

  14. May I sell my cemetery property?
    Documented owners may sell their cemetery property. Any such transfers must be documented with a transfer agreement prepared and recorded by Memorial Park.

  15. What kind of decorations are permitted at Memorial Park?
    Cut flowers are welcome any time. Potted plants are welcome from May 15th through September 15th. Natural winter wreaths are permitted from November 15th through March 15th. Artificial decorations are not to be used at Memorial Park. Please consult the rules section of this web site for more complete explanations.

  16. What happens to decorations and their containers/stands after the September 15 and March 15 dates?
    All remaining decorations are picked up and disposed of, along with their containers/stands, after spring and fall clean up dates. Cement/stone urns are emptied of vegetation and left on the monument or pad.

  17. Why does Memorial Park insist on natural decorations?
    Memorial Park Association has always believed in the character and sincerity of natural decorations.

  18. Does Memorial Park offer a decoration service?
    Memorial Park offers both Memorial Day geraniums and winter holiday evergreen wreaths. Please see the Decoration section of our Product and Service Offerings for more details.

  19. May I attach decorations or messages to mausoleum or columbarium shutters?
    To protect the appearance of mausoleum and columbarium structures, nothing is to be attached to the shutters.

  20. What is going to happen to the cemetery grounds and in particular, the mausoleum buildings, in 100 years?
    The ongoing care and maintenance of the Association's grounds and structures is assured by Memorial Park's fully funded Perpetual Care Trusts. Funds have been, and will continue to be, set aside from every purchase for the purpose of building a fund that will eventually take care of the entire cemetery, long after income from cemetery operations cease.

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